I have a pdf of the Honda Civic Factory Service Manual. I know a lot of people have it already but some still dont. **** File size is. View and Download HONDA Civic service manual online. Civic Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: civic, civic, civic, 6th generation of Honda's popular compact car. , , , , Honda Civic troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

1998 Honda Civic Service Manual Pdf

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Lino, Body 8nd Engine Typ€. EJ6: CIVIC 4-door/D l6Y7. EJ8: CIVIC 4-door/D' 16Y8. Body Typo and Transmission Type. 5: Sedan/s-speed Manual. 3: DX with Ay'. Refer to the - CIVIC Service Manual, P/N , for frontal collision, all SRS service work must be performed by an authorized Honda dealer . Honda Civic Service Manual - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

DX, Si 3: Si with ABS 5: DX with ABS 6: Under-hood Emissions ControlLabel 19! Engineand Evaporative Families Engine Family: Model Ysar T: H o n d a Di3placomont V H N1. Clsss V: California Tier 1 2: California TLEV 3: California LEV 4: Three Way Catalyst.

ENGlrlE D. Honda Storage System 1: Plastic Housing Closed Bottom B: FuelInjection Fuel Tank. CAL Californis: Model Y6ar. Families Engineand Evaporative EngineFamily: Evaporative Family: Honda Type E: CAL Calilornial: Whon substantial woight b ramovod from the r6a1 ot thc vohlcle.

Raise the hoisttolull height.

Usethe samesupportpointsto supportthe vehicleon safetystands. Raisethe hoistafewinche sc e n t i m e t e ra 3.

Item Preview

Place the lift blocksas shown. Center the jacking bracket in the middle of the jack lift platform. Adjust and place the safety stands so the vehicle level.

Set the parkingbrakeand blockthe wheelsthat are not beinglifted. Lift and SupportPoints cont'dl FloorJack l.

Alway3 u3a safoty stand3 whcn working on 01 undol anv vchiclo that b 3upportod by only a iack. Raisethe vehicle high enough to insert the safety stands. Center the jack b. When liftingthe rearof the vehicle. Shiftthe transmission to neutral CVT to E position. Trying to lift or tow your vehicle by ths bumpeB will causa sorious damage.

Release the parkingbrake. Towing towIt the vehicleneedsto be towed. Thesehooksgo aroundpartsof and the cableslift that end of the frame oJ suspension. Turn off the engine. It is best to tow tho vshicls no farthol th. Shiftto lpl position. The vehicle's damagedit this methodof towing body can be seriously is attemDted. ManuslTransmission and CVT. Startthe engine. The operator loads the vehicle on the backof a truck. Em6rgencyTowing Thereare threepopularmethodsof towing a vehicle: The tow truck uses metal cables with hookson the ends.

This is the bestway oftransponing the vehicle. Transmission Automatic. Wh6d Lift Equipmont. The tow truck usestwo pivoting a. Specifications Standardsand ServiceLimits I6Y8 IN Installed height. Pin-to-piston clearance Pin-to-rodinterlerence Small end bore diameter Largeend borediameter Nominal End play installedon crankshaft Mainjournaldiameter Rodiournaldiameter Taper Out-ot'round Endplay Totalrunout Main bearing-to-journal oil clearance No.

US qt. Reterence max. Standardsand ServiceLimits Cooling. Length t. Diameterof ball bearingcontactarsa A Transmission housing sids Diameterof 4th.

Endplay Thickness Mainshaft5th gear 3rd 4th 3rd 4th Unit of length: Length 4th 5rh ath 5rh. B4RA Transmission 2. OOo lst clutch pressureat 2. Standards and ServiceLimits t t 14 t. Carrier-to-driveshatt cloaranco. Reverse shift fork finger thickhoss Parkingbrakopawl Parkingggar Shift fork shaft bore l. Mainshaftsealingring goovo widlh Sealingring contactargo LD.

Mainshaft bushingl.

Couni6rhaft bu6hing l. Pinion shaft contactaroa l. Mainshaftleed pipe A.

Carier-to-pinionclenc6 Driveshaftcontscl 8re LD. Shift tork shaft valvo bore i. Parkinggear O. Automatic Transmission. ATF pump drivengearshaftO. ATF pump body bushing LD. Drivs pulloy leed pipe Forwardclutch feed pipe Inputshaftbushingl. Inputshaftsealing ring groovewidth ring Drivepulleyshaftl. Start clutch feed pip6 right side cover sidel Drive pulley feed pipe Stan clutch feed pipe fl 'wheelhousing sido ring groovewidth drivengearsealing Secondary Stan clutch e-ndplate l.

Manual steering. CarrieFto-pinion cl6arance Drive shaft contactarea l. Readjust the deflectionor tonsionto used belt values. Do not run for morethan5 seconds. When using a new belt. Runthe enginefor 5 minut6sthen turn it off.

Longth No. SP Lubricantcapacity mf ll oz. AoIAH or Lubricanttype: SP-'10 Condenser Lubricantcapacity m? Roadjust deflectionor tension to used belt values.

Standards and ServiceLimits Electrical. Gap 1. Brush l. Readjustdeflectionor tension to used belt values. SOHC Forcedand wet sump.: DX CX-G cx I6Y' 2. D16r' 3. JAPANoroduced Lock-to-Lock Wheel Dia. Rear Parking Brake Type 6 7. Conditions Severe for Model Maintenance Schedule Conditions Severe for Model Maintenance Schedule NormalConditions PA01 ForR6frigsrant: Usinga non-Honda ATF can affect shift quality. Using a non-Hondabrakefluid can causecorrosion and decressethe life ot the system.

Makesure it says "For Gasoline Engines. Using other fluid csn aftecttransmissionoperationand may reducetransmissionlif6. PA01AH or3 9.

Use SJ 'Energy Conserving" grade oil. The oil containerm8y alsodisplsythe APICenification mark shown below. Se6chart below. We recommend HondaWhite LithiumGrease. In corrosive more frequentlubrication areas.

Lubricate all hinges. F l ni r-'. L z 9oll 5. Ei 9tE. Y-fi B E.

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L id6. E-'r' E. E crc'E sN E. Pb e eFEi. J i5i:! CEE] EE -3 '! E 3tsEE -. E'A E: FII U' o! O E 'tr "E. Unplug the wiri g connoctorscarefully whilo holding the conn6ctor poiion to ayoid damago.

Secure the hood as oDenas possible. Mrrk all wiring and hosss to lvoid misconnoction. Remove the battery and battery base. Disconnect the batterynegative terminalfirst.

EngineRemovaUlnstallation Removal.

Uso tandar covors to ayoid damaging painted surface. Remove the intakeair duct and air cleanerhousing. Remove the resonator and intakeair duct.

D16Y7 enqine: Disconnect the engine wire harnessconnector the leftside of the enginecompartment. Dl5Y8 engines: D16Y7 engine: Drainfuel only into an approvedcoDtainer. Kogp open flams or spark away from tho work arga. Remove the brakeboostervacuumhose. Remove the mountingboltand lockbolt. Remove the throttlecableby loosening the locknut. Adjustthe throttlecablewhen installing seesect i o n Always replaceany kinkedcable with a new one.

Takecarenot to bendthe line. Remove the shiftcable CVT.

Honda Civic

Do not operatethe clutch pedal once the slave cylinderhasbeenremoved. Remove the A. Drainthe engineoil. Drainthe transmission usinga new washer seesection Drain the engine coolant see page Raise the hoistto full height. Remove 8 x 1. Do not disconnect use care when removing the radiator E cap to avoid scalding by hot coolant or steam. Loosen the drainplug in the radiator. Reinstall the drainplug Reinstall new washer seepage Remove the radiator cap.

1996-2000 Honda Civic Repair

Takecare not to bend the cablewhen removing it. D16Y7 engines: Remove exhaustpipe A. Remove the shiftcable A. Adjust the shift cable when installing see section D i s c o n n e ctth e s u s p e n s i o n lowerarm balljoints seesection Lowerthe hoist. HOSES cont'd Remove the damperlorks seesection' Use care when prying out the assembly.

Remove the driveshafts. Tie plasticbagsover the driveshaft enos. Pull il straight to avoid damaging the difterential oil seal or intermediats shaft dust seal. Attachthe chainhoistto the engine. Engine Remov aUlnstaf lation cont'd Removal Slowly raise the engine approximately mm 6 in.

Remove the rear mount bracket. Remove the left and riqhtfront mount and bracket. Failure to follow these procedures may causeexcessive noiseand vibration. Except Cw: Engine Installation: Installtheenginein the reverse orderof removal.

EngineRemovaUlnstallation cont'd Installation Install the rearmount bracket. Except CVT: Tightenthe boltson the rightfront mounvbracket in the numberedsequence shown O. Refillthe enginewith engineoil seepage Adjustthe cruisecontrolcable seesection Refillthe radiatorwith enginecoolant seepage Perform the following: Adjustthe throttlecable seesection Bleedair from the coolingsystemwith the heater valveopen seepage Refillthe transmission with fluid seesection Cleanthe batterypostsand cableterminalswith to sandpaper.

Use new set rings. Inspect for fuel Ieakage tuel line. Adjustthe shift cable seesection' Check that the set rings on the ends of the driveshaftclickinto Dlace.

Refer to page 11 38 through 11'55 before troubleshooting. YES To page cont'd VItC Solenord Valve crrcuit. Intermittent failure. Do the RoadTest.

Holdthat enginespeed for at least two seconds. The MIL has beenreportedon. Turnthe ignition switch ON ll. Turnthe ignition switch OFF. Warm up the engine to normal operalingtemperature coolingfan comeson. Check tor poor conneqlionsor loose wires at VTEC oressure switch. DTCPis stored. It the wire is OK. Connect a tachometer t i o n1 1. D16Y8 4. D16YB rpm. D16Y5 kPa 2. Checkoii pressure D16Y5 lowing enginespeeds: Disconnect the VTECsolenoid valveconnector. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.

W a r m u p e n g i n et o n o r m a l cooling temperature operating fan comes on. Turnthe ignition switch 2. In3oocttha VTECsolonoidvalve. PA Topage6 5 K e e pm e a s u r i n g possible engineis runningwith no because load less than one minute. Startthe engineand check oil pressureat the following D16Y5 engine e n g i n es p e e d: Disconnect the batterypositive terminalfrom the VTECsolenoidvalve. Turn the ignitionswitchOFF. Staftthe engine. I andA8.

With the batterypositiveterminal connected to the VTEC solenoidvalve. Reconnectthe VTEC pressure swrtchconnector. If the filter is not clogged. Measureresistance betweenthe terminaland body grouno.

Remove the cylinderheadcover. Checkthat the intakesecondary rockerarm moves independently of the primaryintakerockerarm. Pushthe intakemid rockerarm on the No. Setthe No. Checkthe intakemid rockerarm of each cylinderat TDC. Referto pagewhen installing the cylinder headcover. Push andpull. D16Y8 ManualInspection engine '1. Referto page when installing the cylinder headcover. Check that the intake mid rocker arm movesindependently of the primary and secondaryintakerocker arms.

I pistonat TDC. Checkthe intakepdmary rockerarm of eachcylinderat TDC. Loosenthe regulatorvalve on the valve inspection tool and apply specifiedair pressureto the intake rockera. Remove the sealing bolt trom the inspection hole and connect the Valve Inspection Tool. Coverthe timing belt with a shop towalto protect the belt.. Referto pagewhen installing der headcover. Eelore using the Valve Inspection Tool. SpecifiedAir Prossure: The synchronizing pistoncan be seen in the gap betlveen the secondary and primaryrockerarms.

Visuallycheckthe disengagement of the synchronizingpistons. Visually checkthe engagement of the synchronizing piston. After inspection. Replace the intakerockerarms as an assembly if eitherdoes not work correctlt. Remove the special tools. With the specified air pressure applied. Stop applyingair pressure and push up the timing plate. When the timing plate is pushedup. Before using the Valve Inspection Tool. Removethe sealing bolt from the inspectionhole Tool.

Checkthe intake primary rocker arm of each cylinder at TDC. Plugthe reliefholewith the special tool. Pullthe d i a la n d turn to adlust.

Refer to pagewhen installing the cylinder neaocover. Cover the timing belt with a shop towel to protect the belt. Loosenthe regulatorvalve on the valve inspection tool and apply the specifiedair pressureto the rocker arm synchronizingpistonAVB.. Replace any lost motion assemblythat does move smoothly. SDecified Air Prsssure: RefertopageG46wheninstalling neaocover.

Remove the uppercover seepage Dl6Yg engines: Adiustvalveson No. Alter adjusting. Adjustvalveson No. Rotate the crankshaft "counterclockwise to bring No. Repeat the adjustment if necessary.

The "UP" mark should be on the intake side. Tightenthe locknut. The "UP" mark shouldbe on the exhaust side. Insertthe cross shaft through the top hole of the two uPflghts. Remove with the tool. Use the front position slot on the leveras shown.

Referto page when installingthe cylinder headcover. Alway wear approved eye protection when! Position the lever arm underlhe crossshaft so the leveris perpendicular to the shaftand the compressor attachmentrests on top of the retainerfor the spring being compressed.

Pump air into the cylinderto keep the valve closedwhile springsand removingthe valve keepcompressing ers. Remove the cylinderheadcoverand the rockerarm assemoty. Position the lever arm underthe crossshaft so the to the shaftand the compresleveris perpendicular sor attachmentrests on top of the retainerfor the spring being compressed. Installthe springs. Remove 1 7. Install the valveseals seepage Remove 1 1. ExhaustValve Seals: Using a downward motion on the lever arm..

Repeat steps6 to 18 on the othercylinders. Using a downward motion on the lever arm. Clean x: Remove any oil a: Do not usean impactwrenchwhen installing.

Tightenthe pulleybolt to the specified torque. RING 6 x 1. Replacethe camshaft seals and crankshaft seals if there is oil leakage. Referto page before installing the timing belt.

Mark the direction of rotation on the belt before removing. Refer to page for howto position thecrankshaft andpulley before installing the belt. Applyliquidgasket at the tour corners of the recesses. Clean the upper cover and lower cover before installing. Do not use the upper cover and lower cover for storing removed items.

Replace the belt if oil or coolantsoaked. Tightenthe adjusting pulleybolt the crankshaft After inspecting. Refer to pagewhen instslling. Alwavs rotatethe crankshaft when counterclockwise it clockwise v i e w e df r o m t h e p u l l e y s i d e.

Refer to pagewhen installing. The tensioneris spring-loaded to applytensionto the after makingthe following adjustbelt automatically menr. Remove the rtppercover seepage Remove any oil or solventthat gets on the belt.

Timing Belt Inspection 1. R o t a t i n g may result in improper adjustmentof the belt tension. Inspectthe timing belt beforeadjustingthe belt tenston.

Inspect the timing belt for cracksand oil or coolant soaking. Loosen the adjusting bolt '. Replace the timing belt at Do not use the upper cover to store removed tems. Usea jackto supponthe enginebeforethe upper bracketis removed. My email address is:.

Launched in the year , the Honda Civic is a line of compact cars that enjoys tremendous popularity across the globe. It is manufactured by Honda and has gone through several generational changes. Along with the other popular models, namely the Accord and the Prelude, the Honda Civic contributes majorly of the sales of Honda vehicles in North America.

The Honda Civic is considered a great upmarket car that has both stylish looks and great performance. It currently slots between the Honda Fit and Honda Accord. Toggle navigation. Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, RonJ Banned. To download many different Honda manuals, go to these two sites: Has returned ;- Registered VIP.

Registered OG. Check here: LMK if anyone has probs My email is: To Whom it may concern: I do most of my own work, so I would benefit from and appreciate a service manual. Please send me a copy.Align the hole in the driver attachment with the pin on the crankshaft. CylinderHead Installation 4.

Honda Civic Service Manual 96-98

Suspendthe ECTswitch in a containerot water as shown. Reterence max. Alwaysreplace any kinked cablewith a new one.